What is Blocknode?

Want to implement a rewards system in your business? Instead of leaving funds aside in a low interest bearing account for employee bonuses or loyalty rewards: setup a Blocknode masternode to start generating BND tokens. These tokens can be traded for Bitcoin on an exchange or could be accepted back by the partner business as a discount.

This is real world value, accepted the world over and not just a points system. By positioning the customer as the most important person in this system and yet still supporting the end goal of the business, we offer a simple and flexible solution: saving costs and increasing productivity.

Blocknode is a new generation cryptocurrency and offers some new features over traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Mobile Wallets Software

Apple Appstore & Google Play Store apps available.


Hold, send and receive funds to and from your mobile wallet.

  • Network syncronization
  • Mnemonic phrase wallet recovery
  • Send BND
  • Receive BND
  • Free

Desktop Wallets Software

Windows, Linux and macOS Wallets available.


Send, receive and manage transaction delivered to and from your business.

  • Network syncronization
  • Send BND
  • Receive BND
  • Testnet
  • Masternode Staking
  • Free QT Wallet Software

Guides & Scripts Guides

Instructions on how to setup Blocknode in masternode configuration with wallet integration.

Cold Wallet
Masternode Guide

Linux VPS
Setup Script

Where to buy and follow BND? LISTINGS


Carefully considered and optimized through rigorous market research, we believe to have found the optimum token metrics for our project




120 secs

Total supply after 11.59 years *

470 717 206 BND +

* BND chain growth

1.3m coins per year after this


20 000 000 BND - distributed

Halving factor

0.9 every 64800 blocks

Rewards breakdown

80% Masternode
15% Proof-of-stake
5% Governance fund

Masternode collateral

100 000 BND

Stake maturation

12 hours

Block Schedule

Block 1 - 500 Premine= 20 000 000 BND
Blocks 501 - 65 300 | 700 BND= 45 360 000 BND
Blocks 65 301 - 130 100 | 630 BND= 40 824 000 BND
Blocks 130 101 - 194 900 | 567 BND= 36 741 600 BND
Blocks 194 901 - 259 700 | 510.30 BND= 33 067 440 BND
Blocks 259 701 - 324 500 | 459.27 BND= 29 760 696 BND
Blocks 324 501 - 389 300 | 413.34 BND= 26 784 626 BND
Blocks 389 301 - 454 100 | 372.01 BND= 24 106 163.76 BND
Blocks 454 101 - 518 900 | 334.81 BND= 21 695 547.38 BND
Blocks 518 901 - 583 700 | 301.33 BND= 19 525 992.65 BND
Blocks 583 701 - 648 500 | 271.19 BND= 17 573 393.38 BND

...UNTIL BLOCK 3 046 101 where rewards are locked at 5 BND
Blocks 3 046 101 - 3 110 900 | 5 BND= 324 000 BND
Blocks 3 110 901 - 3 175 700 | 5 BND= 324 000 BND



Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds


Our Roadmap RoadMap

Q1 2018

Project start

Early partnerships

Blocknode legalwork

Q2 2018



Blockchain development

Testnet deployed

Q3 2018

Desktop Wallets for Win, Linux, macOS

Mainnet genesis block


List on first exchange

List on masternode.online website

Wallet for Raspberry Pi

Q4 2018

List on second Exchange

Banner advertising campaigns

Signup small to medium business

Third exchange prospecting

CMC listing

Q1 2019

Android Wallet app

iOS Wallet app

Exhange Listings

Q2 2019

Launch Wallets

Desktop Wallet Upgrade

Bespoke wallets

Q3 2019

BND Atomic swaps

Enterprise level partnerships

Blocknode foundation

Full Zcoin privacy enabled

Sidechain Development


Frequently asked questions FAQs

Before contacting support, please try to find your answer in the FAQ below. If you cannot find your answer, clearly state your question and email us at contact@blocknode.tech.

Blocknode is a 2nd generation cryptocurrency and offers some new features over traditional cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The Blocknode platform is a decentralized loyalty rewards program run on the blockchain powered by the Blocknode token, with masternodes, proof of stake, bespoke and customizable wallets and a community based treasury governance system.

Windows 64 Bit

Windows 32 Bit

Linux 64 Bit


RPI (ARM): Future Development
Mobile Blocknode Wallet: Future Development
iOS: Future Development
Paper Wallet: Future Development

There are several options:

Disclaimer: Moving the funds tied to a system or master nodes cancels said system or masternode. Unlocking funds from the inputs menu

Windows wallets can enable coin control features through Settings > Options > Open the “wallet” Tab> Check the coin control features tab. In the sending screen, you can see the "Inputs…" option now. Click on that and unlock the funds by right clicking the funds with a lock > Unlock Unspent

Unlocking funds by deleting their respective line in masternode.conf Go to your wallet.dat folder and open the masternode.conf file. Every line configures one masternode. Every line locks a transaction that qualifies for a system- / masternode output (100 000 BND). You can delete the desired output to unlock the respective balance.

The Blocknode network is secured by nodes. These nodes require collateral to setup, this will be 100 000 BND for a masternode.

Masternodes get block rewards, Governance is also controlled via the Masternodes. Please refer to the Whitepaper for more details.

Masternodes require 100 000 BND collateral and receive 80% of the block reward.

As of May 2018:
- Ubuntu 16.04 VPS with dedicated IP
- 1GB RAM (or 512MB + 512MB vSwap)
- 10GB HDD
- Required specifications may increase over time.

Unfortunately not. It is strictly one MN per VPS/IP-address.

You will need a fixed external IP to run it locally. However it is not recommended to do so since any downtime will put your node in the back of the queue.

Only the VPS is running 24/7, the local wallet does not have to be running. Once it’s up and running you don’t have to do anything and you save a lot of energy/hardware usage at home by having the rented VPS. You can manage your rewards from the local wallet, you can log in to the VPS for updates or in case you have errors.

It takes roughly 2 minutes when you open your wallet, to tell the status of your masternode. Please wait before trying to restart it as it may already be running.

The Blocknode proposals system provides a means for Blocknode to fund its own development. While other projects have to depend on donations or premined endowments, Blocknode uses the block reward to fund its own development. Every time a block is mined, 5% of each block reward is allocated to a central fund to independently support the Blocknode development. This means to approximately 50,000 BND is available for funding at the end of each superblock. Blocknode community members can submit their own proposal and ask to receive funding for a project that they think will benefit Blocknode as a whole. A collateral transaction of 50 BND is required for this - these tokens will be burned.

The proposal system entitles Masternode operators to vote for or against submitted proposals.

If you are a Masternode operator you can submit proposals using the debug console of your wallet. There is a specific format for these submissions. Please also post your proposal on governance.blocknode.tech and include a link to your post in your submission.

If you are a Masternode operator you can vote on submitted proposals using the debug console of your wallet. Watch this tutorial for more information.

The last possible date to submit a proposal is 3 days before the superblock. Take into account that masternode owners need time to vote. Submitting a proposal this late is not recommended.

The last possible date to submit a vote is 2 days before the superblock.

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